Top 8 Luxury Buys| Ice-T

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TOP 8 Luxury Buys| Ice-T
Rapper Ice-T was given the name Tracy Lauren Marrow on February 16, 1958 in Newark, New Jersey. He pimped, sold drugs, and sold stolen car stereos to make ends meet on the streets. But music ultimately proved to be his lifesaver. When his musical career took off, he was eventually signed to Sire Records. Later, "Rhyme Pays," his debut album, was released. He soon started a musical label called Rhyme Syndicate Records. Body Count, a heavy metal band, was co-founded by him, for his debut album, "O.G." His song "Cop Killer," which celebrated the killing of police officers, made Warner Bros Records uneasy, and they ended their business relationship with him amicably after the whole affair. The albums he released after that were commercial misses, but Ice-T won a Grammy Award, for Best Rap Performance by a Duo, or Group for his appearance on the track "Back on the Block". Today we’ll be taking a look at the TOP 8 Luxury Buys of Ice-T.
1.Edgewater Condo 2. Karma Revero 3. Cannabis Dispensary 4. Acting Training 5. TV Show 6. Horror Movies 7. Albums 8. Podcast
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