Nepali Girl Shows Me BEST Food in Nepal! (I am Back)

20 İzlenme
Join me as I immerse myself in the captivating ancient Newari village of Kritipur on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal. This vlog takes you along the narrow alleyways and Buddhist temples to uncover hidden gems in this historic town perched atop a giant rock.

We get a glimpse into authentic local life as I chat with smiling villagers, visit carpet weavers, and try traditional foods. The beautiful hand-carved wooden shrines showcase the ornate craftsmanship of Newari culture. I even get invited into a local home for tea and experience their rustic kitchen firsthand.

My camera captures the stunning panoramic views of Kathmandu valley from atop ancient stupas. The kids are cheeky and adorable. Every corner reveals something unexpected - whether it's uncovering an old well or stepping into a courtyard filled with goats!

From bicycle rickshaws to muddy floors, the little details shine a light on what makes Kritipur so fascinating yet still off the well-worn tourist trail. The warm hospitality and genuine interactions with locals are what I enjoy most about venturing to Nepal's less explored corners.

If you love immersive cultural experiences and travel vlogs packed with insight into daily life, join me on this journey through Nepal's living heritage. Let me know in the comments which Nepali villages you want to see explored next! Please like, share and subscribe for more.

The cafe where we had breakfast:

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