Relaxing mountain stream with birdsong. Sounds of nature for sleeping and relaxing.

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Welcome to the world of nature sounds! In this 4K video you will find 6 hours of relaxing mountain stream shimmering against the background of forest birds singing.

These soothing sounds of nature create the perfect environment for sleeping, relaxing, working or studying. They will help you focus and relieve stress, creating a cozy atmosphere around.

Give yourself a moment of peace by allowing these gentle sounds to become your personal oasis of tranquility. Forget about all worries, immerse yourself in the world of nature and enjoy its harmony.

Shooting location: Russia, Sochi.
Taken on camera: Sony FDR-AX700, Sony FDR-AX53
Microphone: Sony ECM-CG60, Sony ECM-XYST1M
Video Resolution: Ultra HD 4K
Duration: 6 hours 02 minutes
Video editing in the program: Final Cut Pro X

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