Sounds of a spring river with forest birds singing. 10 hours of 4K video.

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In this 10-hour video "Sounds of a spring river with Forest Birds Singing" you will hear the sounds of a spring river, including birdsong. You will be able to enjoy beautiful, nature-filled videos in 4K format.

This video is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday morning or afternoon. It is filled with the sounds of nature, including birdsong, and will make you feel like you are right there by the river. Whether you are a nature lover or just looking for a relaxing video to watch, this is a hit!

Shooting location: Russia, Sochi.
Shooting Date: May 31, 2023
Taken on camera: Sony FDR-AX700, Sony FDR-AX53
Microphone: Sony ECM-CG60, Sony ECM-XYST1M
Video Resolution: Ultra HD 4K
Duration: 10 hours 4 minutes
Video editing in the program: Final Cut Pro X

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