Best nightingale singing. Nature sounds for relaxation and sleep in 4K.

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In this video we recorded the best nightingale singing for your relaxation and harmony. Nightingale singing is one of the most beautiful sounds of nature, which helps to calm down, relieve stress and improve mood.

It is the perfect backdrop for sleeping, relaxing, working or studying. The video was shot in high 4K resolution, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of nature and enjoy every sound. Join us and plunge into the world of beauty and tranquility with the singing of a nightingale.

Shooting location: Russia, Vladimir region, Kirzhachsky district.
Taken on camera: Sony FDR-AX700, Sony FDR-AX53
Microphone: Sony ECM-XYST1M
Video Resolution: Ultra HD 4K
Duration: 8 hours 18 minutes
Video editing in the program: Final Cut Pro X

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